Lethal Factor

Lethal Factor was the name I bestowed upon my musical efforts of the past. The name itself derived from some random medical report I happened to be reading at the time and I thought the meaning suited my work perfectly. For the most part this project is shelved as I simply don't have the time or resources to take it as seriously as I hoped. Like everything I work on I do my best when I can dedicate large chunks of time to one focus and one focus only. Not being able to do that at this point in time I can only hope the future allows me to pick up where I left off.

Preserved below for posterity is the original introduction I wrote for a Myspace profile a couple years ago.

It all started with a demo copy of ReBirth 2.01 in the spring of 1999. I was fucking around on my friend's computer in his basement - baked out of my gourd. Everyone gave a crack at it in turn but it was I who totally fixated. I was mesmerized by all the flashing lights and by the myriad of mysterious controls. I didn't have a clue what I was doing but that in itself was a factor that drove me in further. Strange sounds ebbed and flowed forth from the speakers as my imagination transferred through my wrists. Eventually I was dragged away for long enough to smoke another bowl but this did nothing to lessen my appetite. As soon as I got home I downloaded my own copy and proceeded to twist, tweak, and toil for hours on end. Something just seemed to be missing however and after a few weeks my passion died down to a fizzle. That is, until Reason came along... One day Reason 2.5 took a bound, hop, and a leap into my grubby little hands renewing my interest to another fever pitch. In the time since I have messed around for days straight, low on food and water, in pursuit of the elusive settings that momentarily lift me into a state of auditory bliss. It wasn't until completing the body of one of my early "songs", titled EFB, that I decided to cave in and *gasps* started reading the manual†. I have also recently acquired a copy of Reason 3.0, which I fully intend to be able to upgrade to within the next couple of weeks. We'll just have to wait for what the future holds.

This is an ongoing project of mine. Don't expect a whole lot as I am still learning the software to the point I have slightest clue what all my knob, slider, and switch manipulation is doing. :) As long as I have fun in the process I shall be fairly satisfied with this endeavor.

  -Tripmaster G

†Still haven't finished reading it yet because I'm a lazy fucking bastard.

For the most part my work was influenced by: Assemblage 23, Cabaret Voltaire, Front 242, Front Line Assembly, Haujobb, Inform├Ątik, Kraftwerk, Melotron, Ministry, Noise Unit, Project Pitchfork, Scar Tissue, and so on. My original intention was to create in the realm of heavy industrial/noise. When I actually got down to it though I found myself enjoying the process even with the much lighter fare I produced.

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