Stephen Pimley | Computer | Thursday, June 19th, 2014

My fat kitty-shaped cutaway got bigger and floppier ears a few days ago. I did some grinding on this case (CM 690 II Advanced) early last year to fit my Swiftech H220 radiator. As you can see in the first closeup, I didn’t remove enough material that time and the hose clamps were resting on the top panel and keeping the radiator from sitting flush. I really should switch to using a Dremel or something equivalent in the future. This 40+ year old drill has a much lower RPM and higher torque making it very difficult to keep the grinding stone from bucking all over and ruining the finish. After this second round the front hose finally has full clearance to move slightly and the radiator can sit flush. Unfortunately, I had underestimated how much material to remove from the back cutout. The screw frame for the clamp sits on the top panel and severely restricts movement. It is workable for the moment but had I more energy I would have gone back and finished the job. The painter’s tape I added to the edges is just to protect the tubing from potentially sharp edges while I move the radiator back and forth frequently with this project. I now have in my possession a nice roll of black tape that I will use in the future to match the case.

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