So We Begin Again

Stephen Pimley | Daily Life,Memories | Saturday, March 29th, 2008

I am half asleep which is one half less than I should be. I just wanted to post a little something after staying up all night to read, install WordPress, then read some more. I also did some more research and ordered a 2GB set of Ballistix for the new AM2+ machine I plan to build in about ten days. I’m really nervous about doing a large project that has to be split up into multiple orders but I was left with no viable option. I had to get the memory now while the sale and rebate were still ongoing. I have picked out a motherboard but it’s not on sale at the moment so I’m waiting just in case. The CPU I end up deciding on will most likely benefit from the supposed AMD price slash coming on April 7th so everything will be held up by that.

**Note that this is my first fully original post through WordPress. All earlier posts you will see are salvaged from other journals, or from the multitude of drafts and random notes I have saved over the years. Some have been further edited from the original form but with only minor modifications unless otherwise specified. They will be posted with the most accurate date of original authoring I can figure out.

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