Stephen Pimley | Daily Life,Thoughts | Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

You know something is really wrong with your food culture when even the foods suffixed with “no sugar added” “natural” or “whole grain” require you to scan the entire ingredients list to verify it’s not just empty marketing. Meanwhile, if you can only afford or don’t care either way how much sugar, artificial dye, or synthetic chemicals you don’t even recognize are added to your food, you can simply grab the nearest box when wheeling your cart past knowing full well your assumptions are probably accurate.

Stephen Pimley | Daily Life,Drugs,Illness,Memories,Thoughts | Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Grocery stores are the most depressing places I have the displeasure of being on a regular basis. I don’t know whether it’s the terrible music, designed specifically to make people buy more; the shitty fluorescent lighting with every other fixture flickering at a different frequency; or maybe all the memories of panic attacks in the very same aisles as my heavy alcoholism robbed my heart of the ability to keep rhythm, and I had to hold onto my cart to keep from collapsing onto the floor.

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